Too Cool Cooling Dog Collars - American Flag

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Measure twice, order once.

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  • Too Cool Cooling Dog Collars - American Flag
  • Too Cool Cooling Dog Collars - American Flag
  • Too Cool Cooling Dog Collars - American Flag

Measure Twice, Order Once! (if applicable)

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American Flag Too Cool Cooling Dog Collar

Our Too Cool Collars are just what your pup needs on those Dog Days of Summer! Temperatures all over the US have been rising in all 50 states during the summer months. Don't forget your pups during these dangerously hot periods! Since dogs can't sweat, the heat can really get to them. Made with polymer crystals that expand when wet to help keep the wearer cool. Soak briefly in water and the polymer crystals inside turn into a gel and expand. The gel helps your pet stay cool. These collars have been very popular with several different prints and sizes to choose from. Be prepared for lots of wet kisses! For more print selections see our Cooling Dog Collars Section.

These little crystals are pretty amazing. Once soaked in water for about 5 to 10 minutes they expand and turn into a gel that keeps cool for hours. The 100% cotton cover will soon dry, but the gel stays hydrated and COOL for several days. After 4 or 5 days (if you don't re-wet) the gel actually returns to hard crystals again. You can use again and again. Great for active dogs that hike and camp. You can hand wash with a mild detergent and then air dry to store for next year.

What makes our product different? Most other cooling ties have just one section of crystals to cool your dog down and when they expand, the collar gets pretty fat. With a Too Cool you get 2 channels of cooling. This allows a Too Cool to lie flat and for your dog, it means a better fitting Too Cool collar. If you'd prefer, we can do the smaller sizes with a single seam or the larger ones with 4 channels. The plastic clasp allows you to adjust the fabric length for a custom fit.

Your purchase will be custom made to fill your order. Most orders are sewn and shipped within a week.

Cooling crystals are not harmful if ingested, however, if you have a chewer or suspect your dog might eat his collar, please provide supervision while worn.

Matching Collar is also available as a Calming Collar, with a patented herbal combination that took years to develop. Or a Good To Go Collar for motion sickness, sold separately.


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