Dog Bowls, Canisters & Treat Jars

Dog Bowls, Canisters & Treat Jars

Dog Bowls & Treat Jars ~ PupRwear

SAY \'NO\' TO PLASTICS!!  Dog bowls seem like simple things. It\'s the dog food and fresh water that goes into the dish that\'s important, right? Yes and no.

The fact is choosing the right pet bowl is pretty darned important, too. Believe it or not, dog bowls and dog feeders can be designed to do many specific things - like keeping your dog from tipping over his dinner, preventing him from inhaling his food, or reducing the straining on his neck and likelihood of choking.

See...Choosing the right pet bowl is pretty important! But don\'t fret. PupRwear has a variety of pet feeders available, so you can choose the one that fits your dog best.

Dog bowl and feeders come in a variety of styles and colors to best match your home. Many also have matching canisters for their treats. And speaking of home, we will be carrying a wide selection of dog food mats (or placemats). which can help protect your floor in case of an accidental spill, or prevent one from happening in the first place.  After all, your pup should dine in style too!

TRAVEL BOWLS help to make traveling easier.  \"Pet