Housebreaking Adult Dog Tips

Housebreaking Adult Dog Tips 

Using a crate when you are not home is usually the best way to accomplish housebreaking and to make sure your home is not destroyed by destructive chewing behavior from a puppy. 
For an adult dog

   1. When you are home, keep the dog with you on a loose line so you can catch him/her in the act of having an accident. Correct the dog with a firm “NO!” and take him/her outside immediately. When the dog goes potty/poop outside, use the cheerleader praise, praise, praise, praise!!! Occasionally yummy treat is a great reward.

   2. You may also use training pants to train your dog. Use an old pair of men’s underwear and cut a large hole in the flap opening. Place dog’s legs through the leg part and tail through the new larger cut flap opening and pull up. Use a chip clip or rubber band to tie up the extra slack on the dog’s back. Once your dog has an accident in its pants, they normally do not like the smell or to be sitting in cold, wet pants. Let them sit in the wet pants for a few minutes, and then take them out. Take off the pants before letting your dog out and put a clean pair on when your dog is let back into the house.  This will help protect your home in the long run.   Wash underwear in a vinegar and baking soda solution to get the urine smell out. 

   3. When you are not home, confine the dog to a crate. A bored and untrained dog can get into things that could be dangerous. With proper training, a dog can learn to feel comfortable in his/her crate.

   4. Never correct a dog if you don’t catch him/her in the act; dogs aren’t able to connect your correction with an action that took place five minutes ago. 

   5. Do not allow the dog free run of the house until you are sure that he/she is completely housebroken and compatible with your other dog(s).

   6. While house training an adult dog, always take your new dog outside about every hour on the hour for the first few days.  Give lots to praise for good work done outside.  If you are training a puppy that is just a few weeks old, always take your puppy out about every 30 minutes to an hour.   Remember little bodies have little bladders and cannot hold it a long time.  Puppies take a little longer to train, but be patient as they will understand that the bathroom is outside not inside.  

   7. Use an old rag or paper towel to blot and wipe up the excess urine. When cleaning up urine, use vinegar and water mixed at a 50/50 ratio solution into a spray bottle.   Spray on spot, blot, and rub out the stain.  Shake some baking soda over the damp area, and scrub in, let dry for one day.  Then vacuum up the baking soda once the spot has dried.   This mixture helps neutralize the urine scent and will stop a dog from marking over that same spot again in the future.