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Pet Dog Sunglasses

Pet Dog Sunglasses

Dog Sunglasses, Dog Eyewear, Dog Goggles 

Sunglasses provide protection for dog's eyes just as they do for ours! If you have a dog who is squinting in the sun or whose eyes water, sunglasses can provide them with comfort from the glare for sensitive eyes. Dog Eye wear for small dogs to large dogs. 

Does your dog ride with his head out
of the car window? Motorcycle? Truck?
Sensitive to bright light?
Run through brush?
Hang out on the beach or at ski resorts?
Fashion minded?

Protection and prevention are the key to your dog's healthy eyes! All Dog Sunglasses have shatterproof, anti-fog lenses which block 100% of UV light and keep out wind and debris. The Doggle wrap around frames completely enclose the eyes with no gaps for stray light or foreign objects. Two Doggle adjustable elastic straps keep dog goggles on securely during any activity.  You can add the interchangeable lenses to personalize your pups glasses to match their outfit or commemorate a holiday.