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Teal Velvet Dog Leash - Zack

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Teal Velvet Dog Leash - Zack

This luscious swiss velvet leash is instant glamour.  Only high quality materials are used. For matching collars see the Velvet Collars & Personalized Collars section to order.

Washable designer fabrics - wash in cold water and hand to dry.  Do not soak.

Our dog leashes are available in 3 sizes and 2 widths.  Super strong, and matches your dog’s hip style.

Add a matching or contrasting velvet collar or hand-embroidered flower.  Flowers are easy to put on & remove for later use.  Simply add a flower for a totally different look!


p-44374-holly-velvet-dog-4ed0580e7750a-250.jpg p-37120-zoe-velvet-dog-c-250.jpg p-37126-zack-velvet-dog-200.jpg
Red Velvet Collar Flower Pink Velvet Collar Flower Teal Velvet Collar Flower



  velvet-sunny.jpg    velvet-belle.jpg    velvet-hunter.jpg    velvet-evergreen.jpg    velvet-holly.jpg    velvet-olive.jpg    velvet-susie.jpg
 Yellow Gold   Hunter Green Evergreen   Red  Dark Purple Leopard 
 velvet-river.jpg  velvet-noel.jpg  velvet-zack.jpg velvet-violet.jpg   velvet-zoe.jpg velvet-bettie.jpg  velvet-zelda.jpg 
 Light Blue Navy    Teal  Light Purple  Pink Dark Pink   Black


  p-4101-bubble-gum-flowe-200.jpg    p-31443-dd-buttered-popc-200-1.jpg p-4110-candyapple-flower-200.jpg    p-4145-creamsicle-flowe-200.jpg       p-44341-cinnamon-dog-col-200.jpg
Bubble Gum Buttered Popcorn Candy Apple Creamsicle Cinnamon
p-17141-dd-5-grape-soda-200-1.jpg  p-7333-halloween-candy-200-1.jpg p-8666-snowflake-flower-200.jpg   p-16790-holiday-tinsel-f-200.jpg  p-7346-lemon-drop-flowe-200.jpg
Grape Soda Halloween Candy Corn Snowflake Holiday Tinsel Lemon Drop
 p-4119-lollipop-flower-200.jpg p-4137-lemon-lime-flowe-200-1.jpg  p-8015-mint-flower-200.jpg  p-7340-orange-coco-flow-200.jpg  p-30980-robbin-s-egg-col-200-1.jpg
Lollipop Lemon Lime Mint Orange Coco Robin’s Egg
p-14579-dd-14-strawberr200.jpg   p-4128-salt-water-taffy-200-1.jpg p-11416-be-mine-collar-f-200.jpg     
Strawberry Shortcake Salt Water Taffy Be Mine Dog    
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