Easy Peezy Dog Belly Band by Oscar Newman

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  • Easy Peezy Dog Belly Band by Oscar Newman
  • Easy Peezy Dog Belly Band by Oscar Newman
  • Easy Peezy Dog Belly Band by Oscar Newman
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Easy Peezy Belly Band by Oscar Newman

The adorable Chico the Chihuahua lazes on his brightly colored bed holding on to his bone. This original artwork by Oscar Newman features delightful details; a tiny red embroidered heart, Chico wearing his signature blue belly band and red collar. The jeu de mots “Easy Pee-zy” will bring a smile to anyone’s face.  hese belly bands have a slight stretch and are the most comfortable belly bands for your boy. 

Great when you have a little guy who just can’t help marking his territory. But don’t forget, older dogs become incontinent and our Belly Bands helps them maintain the quality of their life too!  Indoor wetting dogs will be much more appreciated, just place a thin sanitary napkin inside.  Or for that trip to the vet or dog store where other dog 'smells' can prompt marking.

Machine washable, these belly bands will not stretch, shrink, pill, wrinkle, or lose their shape!


How To Measure:  Measure your dog's lower tummy with a tape measure, in front of the back legs. Add approximately one inch to the measurement to accommodate a disposable incontinent pad. For Maximum Absorption and Hygiene we recommend using a disposable incontinent pad. Pads are designed to pull moisture away from the dog's tummy, keeping the skin dry, and neutralize odors.

  Size    Tummy Girth  
  XXS   8 ~ 10"
  XS 10 ~ 13"
  S 13 ~ 15"
  M 15 ~ 18"
  L 18 ~ 22"
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