Baby Rabbits Puppy Dog Toys

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  • Baby Rabbits Puppy Dog Toys
  • Baby Rabbits Puppy Dog Toys


Baby Bunny Rabbits Puppy Dog Toys

The world’s tiniest soft dog toy that features nylon ribbon; perfect for teething! Features Tuffut Technology lining to insure even the toughest chewers will stop and pause. They nylon ribbon is actually just 2 continuous piece making the toys as safe as possible for little mouths. The toy measures 6.25" making it perfect for puppies and small dogs. Each Baby Rabbit is made of wonderful bubble plush. Every plush toy is lined with super durable Tuffut Technology (patent pending process).

  • All details (eyes, polka dots, etc.) are embroidered for safety. Every toy is tested by a metal detector after manufacturing to be sure that there are no stray needles. All fabric is tested to be sure that no harmful chemicals are used.
  • Fabric is chosen for texture, strength.
  • All plush toys are machine washable.
  • 3-step, patented process developed to deliver the strongest soft toy in the pet industry.
  • No external seams that can be easily opened by aggressive chewers.
  • So much extra protection yet toy maintains its light weight and play appeal.

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