Pet Dog Sunscreen - SPF 15

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Doggles Pet Sunscreen - SPF 15.

Did you know that dogs can get painful sunburns, just like humans? It’s true—dogs need sunscreen, too. Especially pooches with light-colored noses, light-colored skin, or short and thin coats. From Doggles, the company that brought you protective eye-wear for pooches.

It’s specially formulated just for sensitive canine skin. And not only will this gentle formula help keep Fido from getting dangerous skin damage from sun exposure, it will also help to condition his coat. For dogs with darker fur, Pet Sunscreen will help prevent sun bleaching. The non-oily, water soluble liquid, spray-on formulation is easy to apply. So next time you’re putting on your protective sun screen lotion, be sure to give Fido a spritz of his own Doggles Pet Sunscreen and you’ll both be ready for a little fun in the sun

Non-Oily, Non-Irritating, Water Soluble, No Silicone, Spray on skin or coat

2oz. Spray bottle.

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