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Triple Bells for Dog or Kitty Cat Collar or Harness - Light Pink

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11-02 LPK


Triple Bells for Dog or Kitty Cat Collar or Harness - Light Pink

Add a collar bell to your dog or cats collar, the jingle helps to know where they are.  These collar bells have 3 bells for added jingle!  Collar bells are a great way to find young pups that need to be tracked down or get under foot and for those older dogs that have a mind of their own!  Great for Kitty's too! 

Quality made, makes a great Puppy Shower bow adornment.  Lobster Clasp for easy removal or to transfer to another collar or harness.

1 bell is 1/2” diameter, the other 2 bells are 1/4"

Colors: Silver, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Red, Blue, Emerald Green, Aqua or Purple (Sold separately)

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