Snuggler Pet Dog Bed 3 'n 1 - Lime Green Polka Dot

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Snuggler Pet Dog Bed 3 'n 1 - Lime Green Polka Dog

This is a snuggle dog bed, sleeping bag and blanket all in one! It is made from cuddly soft minky fabric interior, thick fleece exterior and will keep pets warm, comfy and cozy, burrowers love it!  It offers new puppies as well as older small dogs and cats the feeling of comfort and security. Both dogs and cats enjoy being able to stretch out on the softness or burrow into it. Easily folding for travel or open and throw in their toys and supplies!

The Snuggle style is when folded up in "Cup Format" like a nest,  for your pet who likes to burrow or cuddle, lay out like a "tunnel" for a sleeping bag, or stretched flat like a "mat".

Reversible, washable. Easy care. So Soft and Cozy.

Measurements: 20" diameter, 20"x28" as sleeping bag, 20"x56" all pulled out like a mat.

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Made to order, please allow 1 - 2 weeks for delivery.

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