Mutt Gear Comfort Safety Harness - Digital Camo

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Mutt Gear Comfort Safety Dog Harness - Digital Camo

Durable nylon comfort dog harness with reflective trim. Easy on over the head. Adjustable girth. Car restraint/ seat belt loop included!  Small to Big Dog Sizes!
  • Car seat belt loop included to fit any seat belt
  • This Harness is designed with your pet\'s safety and comfort in mind.
  • Reflective trim throughout
  • Strong 1680 Denier Nylon construction
  • Easy to use over the head design
  • Fully adjustable girth
  • Use of a vehicle safety harness improves safety by reducing potential distractions for the driver.
  • The Harness with universal seat belt loop is available in six sizes
  • Avoid driver distraction by having your dog restrained in a safety system.
  • Keep your pet from jumping out of the vehicle before you are ready for them to exit
  • Protect your dog from sudden stops, starts and mild collision events.
  • Keep your dog from becoming a dangerous missile that could injure your family in adverse situations.
  • Use the harness by itself to walk your pet, it will separate from the attachment belt, and simplifies it\'s use
  • A pet is propelled with force equal to 30 times its weight in a 30 mile-per-hour accident, according to crash tests conducted by IMMI.
  • A 30-pound dog can be sent flying with the equivalent of 900 pounds of force behind it, enough to kill it and anything in its path. At faster speeds, the force is even higher.
Also available in Black/Gray, Blue/Green, Pink/Gray, (Sold Separately), See Below

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