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Dog Yarmulke or Tallis

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MSRP $14.95


Pet Dog Yarmulke or Tallis

Oh veh! This matched set is perfect for jewish weddings and Bark Mitzvahs!

Have a Bark Mitzvah Celebration, when your dog turns 13 months or 13 years of age, or any age in between. To signify the ties that bind one\'s dog to one\'s Jewish roots. Shop our Hanukkah Section for Jewish Toys and Dog Clothing.

Yarmulke and Tallis are Sold separately.

Hat has ear loops and ties under the chin. Tallis fits around the neck, the Tallis blue with a silver Star of  Davids and Menorah\'s on each side and delicate white fringe, matching the Yarmulke.

Tallis available in sizes XS - L only - Opening is the neck opening.
Yamulke available in size XS - XL

Fabric Width
Opening Size
2 1/2" Diameter 12"
3" Diameter 16"
4" Diameter         18"
L 5" Diameter 20"
5 1/2" Diameter 22"

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