Coral Pink Velvet Dog Collar & Optional Leash - Peaches

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  • Coral Pink Velvet Dog Collar & Optional Leash - Peaches
  • Coral Pink Velvet Dog Collar & Optional Leash - Peaches
  • Coral Pink Velvet Dog Collar & Optional Leash - Peaches
  • Coral Pink Velvet Dog Collar & Optional Leash - Peaches
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Coral Pink Velvet Dog Collar & Optional Leash - Peaches

Build your own collar and/or matching leash.  Red carpet glamour, this luscious Swiss velvet collar and matching leash is instant glamour.  Makes a great gift for the dog that has everything!  Only high quality materials are used. Pup's name can be hand-embroidered.  Made with contoured buckles that fit the curves of your dog’s neck

Large gauge D-Rings and washable designer fabrics - wash in cold water and hand to dry.  Do not soak.

No matter if you have a Great Dane or a toy poodle, you will find a collar that fits just right, is super strong, and matches your dog’s hip style.

NOTE: If at all possible, it is best that we know the length of your dog’s current collar. This way there will be no chance of the adjustment piece covering their name. You can let us know in the notes section at checkout.  Measure from the buckle to the hole that your dog is currently using unless they are still growing.  That would be a measurement you would have to determine.


Add a matching or contrasting velvet collar or hand-embroidered flower.  Flowers are easy to put on & remove for later use.  Simply add a flower for a totally different look!

Add hand embroidered name or phrase up to 12 characters.  Makes a great gift for the pet that has everything. 

This is a CUSTOM item, please allow 10 business days for shipping, could be longer during holiday seasons.



feminine-dog-collar-flowers-200.200.jpg dog-collar-flowers-velvet-200.200.jpg p-44374-holly-velvet-dog-4ed0580e7750a-200x200.jpg p-3422-olive-personal-200.jpg  




p-31443-dd-buttered-popc-200.200.jpg p-4145-creamsicle-flowe-200.200.jpg p-7340-orange-coco-flow-200.200.jpg p-7346-lemon-drop-flowe-200.200.jpg
Buttered Popcorn Creamsicle Orange Coco Lemon Drop
p-8015-mint-flower-200.200.jpg p-11416-be-mine-collar-f-200.200.jpg p-14579-dd-14-strawberr-200.200.jpg p-17141-dd-5-grape-soda-200.200.jpg
Mint Be Mine Strawberry Shortcake Grape Soda
p-30980-robbin-s-egg-col-200.200.jpg p-44341-cinnamon-dog-col-200.200.jpg p-4137-lemon-lime-flowe-200.200.jpg p-16790-holiday-tinsel-f-200.200.jpg
Robbins Egg Cinnamon Lemon Lime Holiday Tinsel
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