Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (football) Screen Print Dog Dress - Red With White

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MIR-58-432 RDWT
58-432 RDWT
Ships in 2 - 4 Business Days


Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (football) Screen Print Dog Dress - Red With White

Cute tank style Thanksgiving Dress designed especially for the girls. So much cuter than the photo! Add a hair bow or special collar and she's ready for the holiday! Great for the plumper girls that are hard to fit. Easy on/easy off! So affordable you'll want more than one.

Matching Tank and Bandana also available.

For Tiny and Medium size pets.

Machine Washable

Usually ships in 2 - 4 business days.

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO MEASURE, a Small may not be the same as a small with a different designer.  Not all designers have the same sizing. 

CHEST- Start just behind the front legs, measure all the way around as if you were measuring for a belt.

Length - Spine, Neck to rump, do not include the tail.

Neck - Around the base of the neck, this measurement is not normally needed unless your dog has a larger neck than most dogs.

DO NOT ORDER BASED ON WEIGHT.  The weight is just an additional source.  Just like with humans, all people weighing a certain weight can have different measurements.

Don't forget the belly rub!

  Size     Neck     Chest     Length        Weight   dog-measuring.jpg
   XS 6" 10 8.5" 0-3 lbs
   Small 9" 10 13" 3-6 lbs
   Medium  11" 16 12" 6-10 lbs
   Large 13" 18 14" 10-14 lbs
   X-Large    14" 21 14" 14-20 lbs
   2XL  15" 24 18" 20-25 lbs
   3XL 18" 25 20" 25-35 lbs
   4XL  19" 29 22"      30-45 lbs      

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