Tan Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness & Optional Leads -1"

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  • Tan Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness & Optional Leads -1"
  • Tan Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness & Optional Leads -1"
  • Euro Leash
  • Training Leash
  • Tan Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness & Optional Leads -1"
  • Tan Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness & Optional Leads -1"
  • Tan Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness & Optional Leads -1"
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Tan Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness & Optional Leads -1"

The Freedom No-Pull Harness features a patented control loop on the back of the harness which tightens gently around your dog’s chest to discourage pulling behavior and makes walking your dog an easy, more enjoyable experience for both of you.  It also features a structural connection ring on the front of the harness.  Connecting to this ring is optional, but recommended, as it allows you to attach to the front and back of the harness simultaneously.  Used this way, you are able to control pulling, as well as redirecting your dog’s attention back to you for training and treats.

The Freedom No-Pull Harness features

  • a Swiss velvet-lined chest strap to help prevent rubbing and chafing behind the front legs. 
  • stainless steel hardware used on the harness will never rust or corrode
  • nylon webbing has been tested to pull up to 3800 lbs. 
  • It will not break or fray, no matter how hard your dog pulls.
  • Four points of adjust-ability, which means our harness can be adjusted to fit literally any dog body shape or type.
  • Made in the USA!
  • US Patent Number: 7,165,511

The Freedom No-Pull Harness is designed to fit any dog from 14 lbs all the way up to 250+ lbs.

The patented action loop sits at the back of the dog between the shoulders allowing your dog to walk in a straight line without twisting or straining, while discouraging pulling by tightening gently around the chest. The Freedom Harness features a structural ring on the front of the chest for an additional control point which lets you “steer” your dog and redirect his or her attention. This makes training easier! This listing is for the harness only. Leashes sold separately.

Available in 1" ONLY in this color

1" for Medium and Large Dogs - Chest Sizes - 1” for larger dogs over 40 lbs – Boxers, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Greyhounds, German Shepherds, Basset Hounds, Pit Bulls, Great Danes, etc.
M     (22 - 28")
L      (26 - 32")
XL    (30 - 38")
XXL  (34 - 44")



Euro leash with a detachable handle, this lead was developed to work in combination with the patented Freedom Harness as a front / rear control. This is a great option if you want to use the 2 connections on the harness with a longer leash. You may also connect to the dog’s collar and harness simultaneously for added control from the rear. The Lead also has many other configurations listed below.

  • Traffic handle all by itself.
  • Connect the Traffic Handle to the stationary ring at end of leash and use it as an 8′ leash.
  • Fold leash in half. Clip one end of leash to your dog’s collar or harness and the other end to the stationary ring. Clip the Traffic Handle to the floating ring. This makes a 4′ lead.
  • To create a 2 foot leash, continue from step two, slide the floating o-ring towards you and reconnect it to the bolt snap that is connected to your dog’s collar.
  • Place lead around shoulder/back and clip (1) end to floating ring and other end to dog. This makes a hands free lead.
  • Place lead around waist and clip (1) end to floating ring and other end to dog. This makes a hands free lead.
  • To keep your dog close and safe while sitting stationary with him/her, simply attach leash to your dog and wrap the handle end of leash around a pole, fence post, railing or small tree and attach both snaps in the handle to the floating o-ring. (use this method only while remaining with your dog)
  • Leash and Collar Combo- Us it as a temporary leash and collar. Slide the black washer lock all the way down to the bolt snap, attach the same bolt snap to the floating o-ring, creating a loop. Slip the loop over your dog’s head , pull slightly as to gather excess and use it as a slip lead to get your dog home safely. (this should not be a permanent collar, but an emergency collar to get your dog or a stray dog safely home)


The training leash is designed to use in correlation with the Freedom No-Pull Harness and provides additional control points. This allows the weight to be evenly distributed.  It has a permanently attached “floating” handle which allows the leash to be used in multiple configurations.

  1. Connect to the front and the back of the harness simultaneously
  2. Connect to just the front or the back of the harness
  3. Connect to the harness and a collar at the same time.

When connected to two attachment points, the training leash is 3′ long including the floating handle and 4′ long when attached to a single point.  As the name suggests, this shorter leash is especially useful for training.



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Warranty Information

Our Freedom No-Pull Harnesses come with a lifetime chew repair warranty. We will replace up to two straps of the harness for $6.99 which is to cover the return shipping back to you (US shipping addresses). If more straps are chewed there will be an additional $2.00 charge per strap. There is also an additional $2.00 charge per buckle or hardware that needs replacing. Here is how the process works: Harnesses must be clean and free of any hair. You can wash it in the washing machine by placing the harness in a pillow case and using the gentle cycle OR place the harness in a sink filled with cold water and detergent. Let it soak and rinse it well. Always air dry your harness completely. An improperly dried harness may become moldy when mailed and acquire an unpleasant odor. Dirty harnesses will not be repaired. Process your repair order here, print your paid invoice (you will receive via email) and put it in the package with your entire harness. You will not need a Return Authorization number as your order ID is also considered your RA #. Mail to: 2 Hounds Design 3038 Eaton Ave Indian Trail, NC 28079 We will fix your harness and send it back to you. Please note: It is not necessary to purchase this warranty when you place your order for a new harness. Also, you are responsible for handling the shipping costs to us so no shipping label will be sent to you. The turnaround time for repairs is between 3-6 days from the time we get it to the time it is shipped back out. The nylon webbing used for the Freedom harness has a 3800 lb test strength, the same grade used to tow small vehicles. It does not break apart or fray when worn by a dog, no matter how large or strong. It can however, rip if it is chewed or or comes in contact with something sharp. As the harness is designed for walking your dog, we recommend that you do not leave it on your dog when you are not actively using it to walk/train him or her. If the harness is on a dog when the dog is unattended, it takes only a few seconds for the dog to nip a strap.
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