Sarah Collection Dog Hair Bow

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Sarah Collection Dog Hair Bow - Susan Lanci

The closure on our barrette mechanism is a one piece construction so there is no mechanical hinge that can break or become misaligned. We also chose this barrette because it has a larger clamping area so it grabs more hair and stays in place better. Like all of our designs, our hair bows are made from genuine upholstery grade Ultra suede fabric that we import from Japan. This soft, comfortable fabric is washable and colorfast. For all of those designs that use crystal, Swarovski crystal is used exclusively. 

XS        3     approx. 1 3/8”

In stock bows ship in 1 - 3 business days or with the balance of your order, otherwise the hair bow will need to be ordered.  If the hairbow is in stock it will state the quantity next to the color and size.

Lastly, all of our hair bows are manufactured in the USA.

Most of our bows are designed to coordinate with our harness and collar designs.

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