Pink Zebra Doggles ILS Dog Sunglasses

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Pink Zebra Doggles ILS with Flowers - Lavender Dog Sunglasses for Pampered Pooches!

Doggles with even more style. Dog eyewear, protect your pups eyes from the damaging UV Rays!  Doggles ILS offers a deeper lens cup, very flexible frame, and wider nose bridge. ILS were designed from the beginning to be lighter and more comfortable for dogs. After eight years of designing eyewear for dogs, the Doggles ILS has been a success! The ultimate in Doggles. Change your lens color anytime you want - for fashion or function with the Doggles Interchangeable lenses, sold separately. But more importantly our new and improved frame has been completely redesigned.

As with all Doggles, goggles for dogs, you still get the 100% UV protection, shatterproof, anti-fog lenses which Doggles are known for!

  • Polycarbonate (shatterproof), anti-fog, 100% UV protection lenses.
  • Extremely flexible rubber frame.
  • Elastic adjustable straps - head and chin.
  • Foam lined frame for extra comfort.
  • Extra deep lens cup keeps the lenses away from the eyes.
  • Patented
  • Vet recommended!
  • 5 sizes, 11 colors in the ILS style!

Available in XS, Small, Medium, Large and XL

We highly recommend measuring your pet using the sizing guide below. Go up one size if they are in between sizes or if they have a lot of hair. Size below is for this doggles sun glasses only.

Recommended by Vet Ophthalmologists, this dog eyewear help dogs who need protection from the sun's harmful rays, flying debris, wind, rocks, or bugs. These cool dog glasses allow your dog to stick their head out the window, motorcycles, or properly secured in pickup trucks. Designed for dogs with foam padding around the entire frame, and soft adjustable head and chin straps. Lens colors are interchangeable and sold separately. How cool will your dog look in the latest doggy shades!


 Weight of Dog

Head Strap

 Chin Strap

 *Frame Size      Breed Example
 XS  1 - 10 lbs  5 - 13 inches  3 - 7 inches  3.5 inches  Teacup & Toy Sizes (Chihuahua, Pomernian, Yorkie
XS (cm) .5 - 5 kgs 13 - 33 cm 8 - 17 cm 8.9 cm  
 S  9 - 25 lbs  12 - 20 inches  4 - 8 inches  4.75 inches  Beagle, Westie, Jack Russel, Cavalier King Charles
S (cm) 4 - 12 kgs 30 - 50 cm 10 - 20 cm 12.1 cm  
 M  20 - 60 lbs  15 - 25 inches  5 - 11 inches  5.5 inches  Aussie, Border Collie, Dalmatian
M (cm) 9 - 27 kgs 38 - 63 cm 13 - 28 cm 14 cm  
 L  50 - 100 lbs  18 - 30 inches  7 - 16 inches  6.38   inches 
 German Shepard, Labrador Retriever, Boxer
L (cm) 22 - 45 kgs 46 - 76 cm 15 - 38 cm 16.2 cm  
 XL  100+ lbs  22 - 45 inches  10 - 24 inches  7.25   inches   Mastiff, St Bernard, Newfoundland, Great Dane
XL (cm) 45+ kgs 56 - 114 cm 28 - 66 cm  18.4 cm  
*Frame is the measurement from one corner of the frame to the other (corner of eye to corner of eye across the face).

*Longest strap measurement is length fully stretched.

Please keep in mind that breeds vary by size and that the breeds above are examples, you should go by the size and weight of your dog. The weight and frame measurement are the most important measurements. If you have any questions regarding size, please call or email us and we will be happy to assist you. 
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