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The Britney Velvet and Crystal Dog Collar

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The Britney Velvet and Crystal Dog Collar - 1-1/2" wide for Medium to Big Dogs

This black velvet designer collar is a big 1-1/2" wide! The crystals are white, set in sterling silver plated settings. Included is the flower centerpiece, dring by the buckle and the rhinestones on the buckle. A stunning collar!

1-1/2" wide
Small Dogs (teacup) to Very Large Dogs (XS - 7XL)
Usually ship in 2 - 7 business days.

This is a Made to Order items and is not return or exchangeable.  PLEASE measure accurately.
Proudly made in the USA

      2XL 19 1/2" ~ 21"
      3XL 21 1/2" ~ 23"
      4XL 23 1/2" ~ 25"
Med/Large 11 1/2" ~ 13"   5XL 25 1/2" ~ 27"
Large 13 1/2" ~ 15"   6XL 27 1/2" ~ 29"
X-Large 15 1/2" ~ 17"   7XL 29 1/2" ~ 31"
1XL 17 1/2" ~ 19"   8XL 31 1/2" ~ 33"
33-1/2" & larger are special order. Please contact us for a quote.

To Measure: Please use cloth tape measure and measure your pet's neck snuggly. We will add extra holes for comfort. Please do NOT measure the collar length! Please remember that there is a 20% restocking charge for size errors. Please DO NOT measure the collar size or length only a snug fit on the pets neck!


This brush has bristles at both ends. It is great for cleaning around the rhinestones. You can first use the brush to clean the stones and then put the entire collar in a warm sudsy bath, scrub lightly, rinse, then lay out to dry.

Made in the USA
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