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Ruby Dog FabuLeash

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$9.95 - $21.95


Ruby Red Dog FabuLeash

Beaded Dog leashes, great for Weddings and Formal Affairs.

Jewel Collection:
Dainty as Delilah yet strong as Sampson. Made with 8mm and 6mm acrylic beads, features a comfortable nylon ribbon handle and plated brass hardware. Pull force tested to 100 lbs!

Fab Collection:
When you desire that "little something extra" from your FabuLeash. The FabCollection is made with 10mm and 6mm acrylic beads and equipped with a thicker and even more durable handle. Pull force tested to 160 lbs!

All Fabuleashes are 48" long.

FabuLeash Chic Jeweled dog collars and leashes, look so expensive but are so affordable!  Strong enough to handle pullers and larger dogs.  From chic Chihuahuas to posh Poodles to stylin' Shih Tzus.  Made with first quality faceted crystal acrylic beads.  Don't let the pretty crystals fool you, these leashes are extremely strong, they have been pull tested to well over 100 lbs.  All of our beaded dog leashes have steel cable inside, this is what makes them so strong.  They are guaranteed by Fabuleash.

Usually ships in 1 - 2 weeks, In stock items ship in 1 - 3 Business Days or with the balance of your order.

FabuLeash Dog Collars & Leashes
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