Dog MuzzlesA dog muzzle is a device which is designed to prevent a dog from opening its mouth. Dog muzzles are used in training, to retrain aggressive dogs, and to prevent barking. When used properly, a dog muzzle is a very useful tool which can be used to teach your dog more socially acceptable behavior. We've included fabric muzzle that don't look quite so scary.

There are a number of reasons to use a dog muzzle. Dogs can bite or bark when they are injured, stressed, or nervous, and a muzzle can curb these behaviors. Muzzles can be useful for trips to the vet, visits to a new dog park, or social situations in which your dog may meet new people or new dogs. Muzzles can also be used to curb barking, and some people use them to stop dogs from licking at surgical sites or eating food off the ground.

It is important to fit a dog muzzle properly. Ideally, you want a muzzle which fits snugly, securely restraining the dog's jaw without interfering with its ability to breathe.  Obviously, if you are fitting a muzzle for a dog with behavioral problems, you may want a professional trainer or vet to help you, to avoid injuries to people and stress to the dog.

A muzzle can also be a useful thing to keep in a car kit for dealing with stray animals. Some animal welfare professionals like to keep leashes, food, water, and small cages in their cars so that if they encounter strays, they can collect them and take them to safe locations. Since stray dogs can be unpredictable, you can use a muzzle to prevent injuries to yourself; if you want to keep a muzzle in your stray kit, you would be well advised to get a highly adjustable, padded muzzle which is easy to use and comfortable for a range of dog sizes.

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