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Braided & Webbed

Braided & Webbed

A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of.  ~Ogden Nash

Dog Webbing CollarsPup R Wear is proud to carry a great selection of dog collars from top manufacturers. Our featured products here are proven to be durable and stylish. Braided & Webbed dog collars are known to be sturdy because of its material. Our adjustable dog collars will surely provide a perfect fitting for your dog’s comfort. Designer collars are a combination of style, beauty and strength.

No need to look further, the best dog collar selection is here! Experience the fun and excitement in taking any pet outside with these modern and fashionable pet collars and leashes.
Size and Fit
You should be able to fit two fingers between the dog collar and your dog’s neck. To measure your dog’s neck size for a collar, use a cloth measuring tape or string and slide your two fingers underneath it. For growing puppies, check the collar’s fit frequently and consider an adjustable collar. Most dog collars come in two widths – one inch wide for medium to large dogs and narrower ½” to ¾” wide for small dogs.

More tips on choosing the right collar