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Harnesses & Vests

Harnesses & Vests

Pet Dog Harness Vests

Dog Harnesses & VestsDog harnesses are much safer for toy and small breed dogs and we highly recommend them for your dog's comfort and safety. A harness takes a lot of pressure off the throat. Excitable little dogs like Jack Russell's tend to pull a lot when being walked, the use of a harness is much more gentle on the trachea and throat area compared to a collar. It is harder for a dog to slip out of a harness while being walked, reducing the chance that it could run away or into traffic.

Dog vests are great for formal affairs or special occasions.  For a dapper look, a suit vest style is adorable, or we also have a boyish look.  Whatever your pups personality we have a harness or vest to express it.

PupRwear brings only high quality products to our customers.  Popular designers and a large selection that we are proud of.