Mardi Gras Fleur de Lis Soft Mesh Dog Harnesses

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Mardi Gras Fleur de Lis Soft Mesh Dog Harnesses

Soft, comfy. lightweight, mesh dog harnesses. Only one quick-release plastic buckles attaches under the belly.  There is a leash attachment on the back for walking. They contain a layer of padding on the chest for extra comfort while walking.This harness fits over the head, the neck opening is not adjustable. Please make sure you consider the size of your dog\'s head when determining the size. 

Our embroidered fleur de lis make it  look more dashing!

Size Girth/Chest Neck
S 12 - 16 inches 11 inches
M 15 - 19 inches 14 inches
L 19 - 25 inches 16 inches

Small: Neck- 8"-10" Chest-11-1/2"-15-1/2"
Medium: Neck- 9"-11-1/2" Chest-13-1/2"-19-1/2"
Large: Neck- 11"-13-1/2"Chest-17"-24"
X-Large: Neck- 13"-15" Chest-19-1/2"-26-1/2"

Colors: Black, Purple,

Mesh Dog Harness
Opposite side of Harness


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