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Christmas Dog Clothing & Accessories

Our stylish Christmas Holiday Dog Clothing & Accessories turn your holiday into a one-of-a-kind celebration!

Bling and glitter collars & clothing add sparkle and pizazz to your merriment this year! Exciting dog holiday fashions include Bling Rhinestone Shirts, Harnessses, Sweaters, Dresses and Hair Bows.

Fill their stocking with colorful Christmas shaped dog treats made especially for your pup!

For a spectacular "I love my dog" look, wrap our Dog Wire Topiaries in twinkling Christmas lights, bows or sparklies and display proudly and prominently for all to see!
Ho Ho Ho! Dog in Christmas Santa Hat

It's important to remember that holidays can be stressful for you dogs. Increased activity around the house, disruptions to their daily routine, different smells and noises, people rushing's easy to see how they can feel confused or left out. Try to spend a little extra time playing with your pups or including them in the activities. Don't forget about the holiday treats!  Yappy holidays!!