Fabric Dog Muzzle - Classic Plaid

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Fabric Dog Muzzle - Classic Plaid

We understand that muzzling is sometimes necessary.  Unfortunately, there is a stigma to wearing a muzzle: dogs look scary. This Muzzle eliminates that stigma. Now your dog will be safe, secure, and look happy, too.  Muzzle stays in place, but it’s a snap for people to remove and replace!

Our Muzzles are sophisticated and jovial, strong and durable. Muzzles are Great for:

    * Preventing barking and biting
    * Safe veterinary visits
    * Preventing scavenging
    * Taking dogs on public transportation.

There are seven sizes, including two wide sizes which have been specially designed for wide-faced breeds.

Our Muzzle is made from Cordura fabric, so it is water resistant and machine washable. Includes a fully adjustable strap and quick-release buckle and clean-finished inner seams for comfort.  Panting is a necessary way of self cooling, so while dogs can easily breathe and drink water with the muzzle on, the Muzzle is meant to be worn for periods of time not to exceed 90 minutes, particularly in hot weather.Classic Plaid Fabric Dog Muzzle

Sizes: XS - XL (Wide in Medium & Large)

  Size    Weight 
  XS    5 - 20 lbs
  S   15 - 35 lbs 
  M   25 - 50 lbs   
  M Wide     30 - 55 lbs
  L    50 - 90 lbs
  L Wide   55+ lbs
  XL   90+ lbs.

1. Place short end over top of dog's nose

2. Snap buckle behind ears

3. Adjust strap to fit

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