Dog Toy - Ice Cream Cone, Squeaks

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Plush Ice Cream Squeaky Dog Toy

With summer here, these cones almost look good enough to eat! While not as tasty as their melting counterparts, these ice cream toys are sure to last longer! —The cone may be the first to go, but our signature ‘ice cream’ contains one of our heavy-duty squeakers, surrounded by a funky-fur, hand-crocheted shell. The melting ruffled edge on it even gives your pups something extra to hang onto when their playing! But that’s not all! Due to the unique nature of our signature yarn, our toys actually help to promote dental health while your dog is off fetching and squeaking with his/her new toy.

Available in assorted colors and two sizes: Medium-5”, Large-7”

Toys are machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle; air dry only.

Hand made with care for maximum durability. The ‘furry’ portions, made of high-quality non-shedding polyester yarn, are especially strong and long-lasting. Small design features and details are done in an contrasting synthetic yarn. Each dog toy contains at least one industrial-strength squeaker. These squeaky balls are made of non-toxic materials exclusively for OoMaLoo. Dogs love not only the furry texture of the toys, but also the squeak.

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