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Bathing Tips

Dog Bathiing TipsDog Grooming ~ Instructions For Giving A Bath

Using warm water only, thoroughly wet your dog including his tail and his belly area and don't spray or pour water directly on his face, eyes or his ears, plus avoid shampooing his face and just use a damp cloth to wipe this area.

Starting at the base by the tail, shake the dog shampoo to mix it and pour a generous amount in a line from the base of the tail to the middle of the neck area.

Lather-up using more water when necessary while massaging gently into your dog's skin.

Pour a little more shampoo into your hands and lather up his belly, his tail area and in between his toes and paw pads.

Rinsing and removing all the shampoo is very important. If all the shampoo is not removed, this causes flaky skin and itching for your dog, so RINSE, RINSE AND RINSE SOME MORE.

A conditioner is definitely recommended for all dogs, especially if your dog has long hair and easily gets matted. Depending on the conditioner, some are meant to be left on and some are not so follow the instructions on the bottle. Include leave on conditioners as part of your dog grooming techniques regularly. They are nice for dogs that have skin problems or just itchy skin.  Dog Robes help to keep your pup warm and cozy after bathing, monogram for a truly spa feel.  Soft cotton Pj's in the summer or luscious velvety soft Pajamas on those cold nights help to keep the hair off the bed and sheets.

A Good Brushing Is Important When Grooming Dogs

It's very important to make sure that your dog is completely dry before brushing. Dog towels keeps your doggy items separate from yours.

An effective technique for home pet grooming is to towel dry first and follow-up by using paper towels to soak up any excess water.

If your dog will tolerate a blow dryer, use it on the "Low" and "Warm" setting. NEVER PUT THE BLOW DRYER CLOSE TO YOUR DOGS SKIN.
Once completely dry, brush his coat several times.
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