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Recipes - Healthy Treats

Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

First you need to know what type of treats you will be creating and keep in mind you are only limited by your imagination. There are frozen dog treats, dog birthday cakes & breads, dog cookies , holiday goodies and more. However for the most part making your own dog treats will be no more complex than baking a batch of cookies.

Decide what type of treat you want to create and find a reputable recipe. What is a reputable recipe? A recipe created by someone who is knowledgeable about foods that are toxic to dogs.  We only post reputable recipes.
Hmmm ... seems like a lot of work - where does the money saving come in? I have found that a few cups of flour and a mini cookie cutter can yield over 200 biscuits. This saves me money, cuts back treat portions to an appropriate size for my pup (a huge cookie every time they make good outside isn't necessary) and eases my mind - I know that the treats are completely nutritious. This means one batch can last a few months. Pour those treats into an air tight container and you're good for a while.

Be sure your are not using harmful ingredients.  A list is available at Foods Not to Feed your Dog

Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients on a box of dog treats? What color are the ones you give you dog - orange, because they're "cheese-flavored"? Or reddish brown, because they're suppose to taste like liver?  Now consider this: Have you ever seen a "use by" date or an expiration date on a dog-food product? It seems like this food can last virtually forever! There's no way to know how long your dog's treats have been sitting on the shelf.

Another Good Reason to Cook ~ Avoid coming home to CAT SOUP!!

Diet Tips for Puggie Pups
An easy way to eliminate some treat calories is to start cutting the treats in half. So, instead of a full cookie, give a half or even a quarter. Now some dogs will continue to sit for hours waiting for the rest of their reward. For them, another solution is going to low-calorie treats. The other option is to give carrots, celery, or green beans - low calorie and good for them, too. My dogs love dried apricots, make sure there isn't added sugar, only all natural dried fruit.

Don't Over FEED! A 20 lb dog needs 350 - 400 calories per day
A 40 lbs dog needs 635 - 700 calories per day

Dogs love vegetables - they love crunchy things. Try carrots, broccoli, apples, chop and add to food. For Protein add soybeans, chick peas or black beans - mix in food.

Doggie Meaty Recipes
Veggie & Fruit Treats

Low Cal Recipes

Smoothies & Hot Weather Treats

Tummy Teas

Doggie Deserts

Valentines Day Treats

Easter Dog Treats

Dog Cake Recipes

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