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Fathers Day


Fathers Day  ~   June 17, 2012

Fun Ideas for Daddy's and his BFF!
Submitted by customer Sherri Klingshirn, Loving Mother of three (spoiled) girl pups.

Camping & or just Picnicking is a great way to spend Fathers Day. Pack a nice picnic lunch or weekend worth of food w/dog friendly snacks & lots of water. Most camping & parks have hiking trails (just make sure to keep your pet close by & keep a good eye on them because of the dangers in the wild.  Camping and Hiking supplies are in our Travel and Outdoor Section.  State Parks are usually reasonably priced and usually have nice hiking trails.

Rafting or Canoeing (dogs should wear life jackets even if they are the best swimmers, they can tire easily or cramp up).  Always use Dog Sunscreen with in outdoor activities. Dog can get skin cancer just as easily as humans. The nose & ears are most important but light colored dogs are at risk all over.  Also important is Flea and Tick Protection.  We'd suggest All Natural Flea The Scene Bug Repellent and Sunscreen by Happy Tails or Dirty & Harry's All Natural bug repellent and cologne.

You can make your own agility course & teach your dog agility. Weave poles can be made with pvc pipes. The jump poles can also be made with pvc pipes & the circle to jump threw can be made using 2 fun noodles & 2 fun noodle attachments & pvc pipe. This is very easy & low cost, if you think your dog would like to try agility this is a way to try it before you invest in the big bucks.

Teaching your dog(s) to play soccer, it doesn't cost that much.  Get a goal post at a toy or sports store, or make your own. Your can use a soccer ball or any kind of ball, a beach ball, nerf ball or even just a kids ball they play outdoors with. Softer balls are safer, and nobody gets hurt at least until the dog gets used to the ball.       

Throw the Frisbee. Use a soft Frisbee with them so it doesn't hurt their teeth and mouth.      

Where's Daddy?  Explanation: The version of the popular childhood game can be played with your dog as the seeker and your family members as the hiders. A great way to reward the dog and motivate him to find you is to show him that have them Find the Ball and tease him with it, then have someone hold his collar while you run off and hide. The dog must come and find you.  Gradually increase to more  difficult hiding places. The reward can be a quick game of fetch when he finds you, followed by another round of hide-and-seek!  Teaching The Game: Decide who will hold the dog gently by the collar. Let the person who is hiding speak to the dog and play with him for ten seconds. Have the holder take the dog's collar while the person hiding makes his or her exit.  Release the dog's collar with an excited "Where's Daddy" Move slightly in the direction the person hid, but give the dog a chance to lead the way. Act excited and say, "Find Daddy" while you slowly move toward the hiding person's location. If the dog has no clue where to go, have the hided softly call or whistle.      

Toy Hide and Seek: Show him the toy and tease him a bit. Hook his leash on something solid or tell him to stay while you hide the toy. Hide the toy somewhere really obvious at first. Release him with a "Go find it!" and move slowly toward the toy. Once he finds it, get really excited about it and play with it with him for at least a minute.  Gradually hide the toy in more difficult places so that he is really using his nose to search.    

Bobbing for Rubber Ducks:  Fill a plastic basin or child's wading pool halfway with water. Show your dog the duckie and throw them in one at a time. Give your dog the fetch command and encourage your dog to take one of the ducks out of the pool. To make this game into a relay race, mark an area the dogs can start from. Put the dunking pool about 15 feet away. One handler and dog from each team race down to the duck pool, retrieve a duck, and race back to their teammates. Once the first pair is back, the next handler and dog do the same thing until everyone has gone. The first team to finish wins.  

Be sure to reward the PupR's with yummy frozen treatsChillin' Bones Freezer Trays come with lots of recipes, or we have posted lots of simple Pup Cool Down Recipes.  More recipes and Hot Weather Cooling Tips.

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