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Sparky's Multi-Function Dog Leash

#2735-41 Sparky's Multi-Function Dog Leash

Sparky's Multi-Function Dog Leash

We list 5 ways to use this leash. You will probably discover more ways to use it!
Standard 72" Leash

  • Snap hook to dee ring and sling over shoulder
  • Wear around the waist for a hands-free walking leash
  • Walk 2 dogs, hold in center, and snap one end to each dog
  • Snap to "floating ring" to use as slip leash or for supervised tethering
  • Snap to one dee ring and make it a 51" leash
  • Snap to the other dee ring and make it a 60 " leash.

Hmmm, maybe that's 7 ways!

Made with an incredibly strong coated waterproof polyester webbing, looks like leather but more pliable, this durable material is easy to clean, will not absorb odors and remains flexible even in sub-zero weather. These leashes are all 3/4" wide.

Red, Black or Orange

Proudly Made in the USA

Auburn LeathercraftersMade in the USA

In Stock, Ready to ship!.....
Black (1 in stock)

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