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Eye Mesh Dog Eye Protection - protects from Sun & Rocks

#DOEYME Eye Mesh Dog Eye Protection - protects from Sun & Rocks

Eye Mesh Dog Eye Protection - protects from Sun and Rocks

Breathable UV Mesh filters out 50-60% of UV rays, while allowing for all day wear for your dog, 270 degrees of vision (not 180 like humans) and complete breathable comfort!
Adjustable head and chin straps All day wear  For riding in cars and complete eye protection from hard foreign objects for your pet.

Available in Orange or Blue

CUSTOMER COMMENT: We received the Mesh Dog Eye Protection headpiece today and couldn't be happier with it.  Millie suffers badly from Solar Induced Conjunctivitis and we have tried all sorts of solutions for her, but this mesh mask is by far the best.  It is so lightweight and cool.  She kept it on all day, playing and sleeping without any fuss.  I have attached a photo of her with the mask on and playing with it on that I am happy for you to share if you want.  Millie is a  Border Collie/Australian Kelpie cross, our other dog Bill is an Australian Kelpie  We are foster carers for Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc and Millie came to us as a cruelty case.  She has lots of issues so it would have been too stressful for her to be moved again so she joined our happy little home.  Thank you again for a fantastic product.

John and Tracey R.


Dog Mesh Eye Protectors

Size Dog Weight
XS 1 - 10 lbs
Small 9 - 25 lbs
Medium 20 - 60 lbs
Large 50 - 100 lbs

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Color and Size:Orange, XS LAST ONE (1 in stock)

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