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Dog Cremation Urn - Majestic Drape Urn

#BMJDL Dog Cremation Urn - Majestic Drape Urn

Dog Cremation Urn - Majestic Drape Urn

24% Lead Crystal.
Mouth blown and hand cut.

Elegant 24% lead crystal cremation urn. This is a genuine Bogati lead crystal urn— mouth blown and hand cut.  High quality white satin bag with a gold cord is included, as well as an epoxy to seal the lid if desired.

Holds up to 30 cu. in. Perfect for child, pet or used to hold a portion of an adult.

Superb quality and workmanship. Lovely item.

Offered in 4 colors.*
Offered in 5 sizes.

    * EXTRA SMALL. (30 cubic inches) 4.5"x7". For Pets up to 30 lbs.
    * SMALL. (50 cubic inches) 5.5"x7". For Pets up to 50 lbs.
    * MEDIUM. (190 cubic inches) 7.5"x11.25". For Pets up to 190 lbs.
    * LARGE. (200 cubic inches) 8.25"x11". For Pets up to 200 lbs.
    * EXTRA LARGE. (240 Cubic inches) 9.5"x11.5". For Pets up to 240 lbs.

*Not all colors available in all sizes. Color and size availability stated below

    *  Amethyst - 30 cu, 50 cu, 200 cu, and 240 cu.
    *  Rose - only in 30 cu
    *  Blue - 190 cu and 240 cu.
    *  Black - only in 190 cu.

This is an oversize/bulky item and is exempt from Free Shipping.  Estimated shipping has been added.

Grieving & Coping

The Art of Lead Crystal

The art of lead crystal making dates back hundreds of years to the 1600s when it was discovered that by adding lead oxide to glass it dramatically improved both the clarity of the glass, as well as its weight, which decreased breakage during cutting.

It is an art that today is still highly skilled. Each craftsman learns his trade through an apprenticeship under the guidance of master glass blowers and cutters.

Each intricate cut is an indication of time and labor spent in the making of the piece; therefore there is no machine mass production. The more detailed the cut, the more time that is involved in making your crystal!

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